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ETIAM-Integrate Solution (EIS), the universal solution for integration and secure data storage media patients. Capture any kind of data easily. EIS interfaces with all information systems.

universal integration and secure data storage media solution patients.  Capture any kind of data easily.  EIS interfaces with all information systems.


Telemedicine workflow solutions to help local and remote healthcare teams collaborate on critical decisions, in real time.

Connect daily with other health professionals, perform teleconsultation videoconferencing and exchange patient remote files securely and in real time.


Print your studies and images on CD’s or booklets. Share them securely and remotely online.

Communicate with other health professionals and patients, share data securely via internet so.


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Nov 30th- Dec 5th

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American_Telemedicine_ETIAMETIAM at ATA
May 3rd-May 5th

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