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ETIAM Connect

Multi-specialty telemedicine platform

As first telemedicine editor and operator, ETIAM is your unique spokeperson to guide you through your telehealth project.

From the workflow adaptation to your medical specialty (teleradiology, teleneurology, tele-stroke, tele-pathology...), to the implementation of the solution and the monitoring of your activity, ETIAM offers your plenty of secure, and easy-to-use tele-services, as well as a network of specialists to operate telediagnosis depending on your needs.

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Try the platform to integrate, archive and share your patients' medical data

As pioneer in the implementation of the DICOM standard, ETIAM is able to care for the implementation of your medical data storage and sharing solution.

Indeed, ETIAM MACS allows to acquire all types of multimedia medical data (.jpg, .png, .avi, .pdf, etc...), to store them, archive and to share them with the needed interlocutor (patient, refering physician, radiologist) in a simple manner.
It includes several teleservices (Worklist, DICOM conversion, Web diffusion) in order to create an ideal work environment for your medical practice.