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Image ETIAM-Connect

If a cloud system is to add value, it must become an integrated solution that addresses both electronic study transfer and traditional (CD-based) data sharing. Currently, no Cloud system achieves this.
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ETIAM-Connect is the fastest solution for electronically sharing medical images and associated clinical data among institutions securely over the Internet and for handling it when it arrives in the institution.

Over 100 hospitals worldwide have been exchanging images, documents, reports… using ETIAM-Connect since 2010. About 100 million images have already been exchanged using ETIAM Secure Medical Networking technology.

ETIAM-Connect streamlines emergency department patient transfers, referring physician collaboration, multidisciplinary team workflow, teleradiology cases and specialty treatments like stroke protocol and oncology.

Share patient studies to enhance collaboration

A comprehensive service

From a web-upload (ETIAM Web Upload) to an enterprise gateway (ETIAM Nexus) and patient CD integration (ETIAM Viewer), ETIAM-Connect provides enhanced management of incoming patient data.

Securely exchange patient studies

Studies are delivered automatically and immediately to the point of care using secure point-to-point connectivity. No patient data remain in cyberspace on the cloud.

Share all data types

Exchange all types of information, from DICOM images and video to documents, forms and reports.
Rest assured that ETIAM-Connect is also IHE XDS compliant.

Collaboration within communities

Create communities of users and design workflows for an efficient collaboration.


Discover ETIAM-Connect

ETIAM-Connect is a line of services for sharing imaging studies among healthcare professionals and addressing key issues: trauma transfer, medical image sharing, physician consultations. Over 100 million images have already been shared using ETIAM-Connect exchange solutions

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More Secure than the Cloud


Study sharing server: import external studies, share internal studies

ETIAM Nexus is the core component of ETIAM-Connect. This server is installed on the network and enables to both share studies with outside facilities and integrate incoming studies. Its architecture ensures that medical data is stored in compliance with telehealth regulations and directives.


ETIAM Remote Access

Review studies remotely. Authenticated Web access.

A service for accessing ETIAM Nexus anytime, anywhere to view studies. Only a Web browser is needed. ETIAM guarantees the privacy of data exchanges passing through its ETIAM-Connect network.



Transfer/Receive studies. Permanent secure connection.

A software component that ensures the privacy of exchanges between your workstation (whether in your office or at home) and ETIAM Nexus.


ETIAM Web Upload

Upload studies via a Web browser

Web Upload enables the patient to send you their imaging studies over the Internet securely.


ETIAM Image Distribution

Share studies over the Web with patients and healthcare professionals

This service enables you to share studies to make them immediately available to your patients or referring physicians via a secure Web access. Note that this service integrates seamlessly into ETIAM-Publish line of CD/DVD recording solutions so that you can provide a digital Web version of the studies in complement to CDs or printed booklets, or even to replace these classical media with only a Web distribution mode. Studies can be viewed in a simple and intuitive Web HTML 5 developed by ETIAM (ETIAM Viewer Online). Therefore, you don’t need to install any software on your PC.


c-nexus-storageETIAM Nexus Storage

Medical image storage and distribution server

Store DICOM Studies (including DICOM MPEG video). View them with a Zero Footprint Viewer

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How to buy?

You buy a subscription from ETIAM to access ETIAM-Connect secure image sharing network. You select the access modes that you need (exchange capabilities, remote access, etc.). You pay per use (SaaS model – Software as a Service). Don’t hesitate to contact us for a live online demo of ETIAM-Connect features.

Main Benefits

Guaranteed connectivity and quality

  • More than 120 sites connected
  • Multiple user access modes (PACS, PC and Web)
  • Guaranteed availability and bandwidth

Various medical applications

  • Medical applications: consultation, stroke, neurosurgery, teleradiology
  • Integration of third-party applications: dedicated viewer, videoconferencing

High-quality support service

  • ETIAM, your single contact for customer service
  • Remote maintenance and 24/7 support
  • Pay-per-use

A robust and scalable solution

  • Safety and privacy of data exchanges (HIPAA…)
  • Interoperability with all PACS
  • Import and transfer of DICOM and non-DICOM data

Case study – Documentation – Free trial

Brochures, DICOM and IHE Statements, case studies, video…

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Our image solution is one of a Kind

CD workflow on the clinical side is extremely challenging for our film library staff.
Wyatt Tellis, PhD, PACS Analyst, UCSF
ETIAM products are intuitive. Our people work with a wide variety of software, and they find ETIAM software easy to use.
Patrick Chokron, Director of Software Engineering, WorldCare Clinical
ETIAM has been very helpful when we needed to modify their product for our own specific configurations.
Mike Lepinski, PACS Administrator, CentraCare Health System