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 solution capture and image management dicomWith the ETIAM One Click Telemedicine solution, we’ve developed a completely customizable Operating Room and medical data integration system. The software package is robust enough to allow for simple use, such as the easy conversion of non-DICOM images or as complex as to convert live images and video into the systems PACS while querying a work-list.

The package allows users to choose which modules best fit their institutions workflow and allow it to compliment and improve upon their current processes. Physicians and healthcare professionals can convert and store non-DICOM data like medical images and videos, PDF’s and Word documents and convert and store live data/video streams. Surgeons and OR assistants can also retrieve work-list from different many PACS systems, convert and / or easily integrate any type of non-DICOM media (files, documents, second opinions and images) in the patient file and store this data in the hospitals PACS.

Whether you need to integrate printable documents, CDs / DVDs, DICOM images, videos, or want to get the work-list information system to program your medical imaging exams, the ETIAM Integrate package can help integrate all document files, capture all live streams and help to incorporate those into any PACS. The ETIAM Integrate acts as a bridge between multimedia formats and DICOM format.


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DICOM CMSETIAM-Integrate Solution: A customizable Medical Content Integration solution apart of the ETIAM One Click Telemedicine solution. It is based on an innovative technology dedicated to the management of images, videos and documents. It improves the capture, storage and access of patient data by interfacing with information systems.
ETIAM Integrate Solution

ETIAM-Integrate Solution fits into an existing hospital network and integrates seamlessly with an existing workflow. With the ETIAM-Integrate Solution effectively perform the various stages of the integration process, identification, storage or display of all the medical data that can be linked to the computerized patient record.

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